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2 co-founders at the core. Robust project-based sub-teams.

Thammika Songkaeo is a National Geographic Explorer, writer, and producer of Thai origin.


Stamford Hospital (Penguin Random House) is her forthcoming novel following a nomination to the Bread Loaf Environmental Writers Conference, which she attended on a scholarship, a fellowship to the Comparative Literature PhD program of the University of Texas at Austin, and a grant from the Smithsonian Freer|Sackler Galleries.


She earned Highest Honors in French Literature at Williams College, an M.S.Ed. at the University of Pennsylvania, where she researched what incentives professors to teach about sustainability and, separately, the effects of scholarships on sociopolitical development, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. The Brookings Institution and The Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights have referenced her.

She directs Two Glasses and is currently producing Changing Room's global experiential screenings while hosting Clothing: Trivia for Clothed Office People in Singapore. 

Independently, Thammika is also a Systems Psychodynamics-based Executive Coach who has actively participated in Tavistock and NIODA Group Relations Conferences, and is obtaining the INSEAD Coaching Certificate. She coaches corporate and individual clients globally, establishing a practice that serves professionals of various industries, united by their care for the planet's health. Read her Coaching Philosophy here.

She works in Thai, English, French, and Japanese.

Xin You Tan is an Experience Designer and co-producer of Changing Room. Currently, they are on sabbatical and serving an advisory role.

Xin You co-founded Two Glasses after leading the design and project management of new and revamped libraries across Singapore as the Experience Designer of the National Library Board of Singapore. They studied art at The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, as well as Yonsei University, on scholarships from their alma mater, Yale-NUS, where they studied the intersections among the urban environment, society, and natural landscapes.


Wilson Tan (Changing Room, Head of Operations) / E.G. (Changing Room, Head of Communications) / Tomomi Kikuchi (Changing Room, Japan Lead) 

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- Synthy

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- Kitu

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