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"What does criticizing our bodies have to do with climate change?"

Produced in SingaporeChanging Room, a dance film where the body speaks, can be understood by women across the world. With partial funding from National Geographic Society and Singapore's Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Changing Room premiered in Singapore in September 2023. Our aim is to show it worldwide, using the format Film Screening + Q&A + Movement Therapy.

Our last screening in Singapore was sold-out.

Whereas many projects have already pronounced fast fashion a climate change villain, we bring home how that villain is connected to our inner selves.


Many of us judge our bodies harshly and hope that clothes will solve for the voids or surpluses our bodies supposedly have.

Can all the clothes-buying end, if we are not first satisfied with ourselves?

For information on how the concept came about, click here

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Sheree Chua
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Michael and Liz
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