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Our Mission: To tackle environmental issues via thought-changing experiences

What do Changing Room, its rare experiential screenings, and our fast fashion trivia productions—whether in corporate offices, at partners' warehouses, or the ArtScience Museum—have in common?


An intentional design process, currently centered around the fashion industry's environmental impact, that improves on oft-heard stories.

While more rampant methods tell a story at listeners, we painstakingly design interactions that get a story out of our audience members.

There is always interaction and self-reflection at our events. Our audiences are actively present because that's how we make change.

What We Do:

Our Approach: Multidisciplinary & Connective

Silos can do more harm than good, as one "solution" can leak into a problem for another, if not thought of as part of a larger framework.

Not all projects leading to positive environmental outcomes have to be overtly environmental, especially considering much of environmental degradation does not come from people thinking, "Today I will destroy nature" or "Today I will create textile waste."


Environmental degradation is often collateral damage of other pursuits, the result of individual and collective hankering towards happiness, wealth, beauty, and other ideals that we address in our projects. These are complex and interwoven, and can be the work of multiple disciplines all at once.


Sometimes, the environmental front need not be belabored.

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